Innovative subsea communication products


Data + Power

Patented application, high frequency microwave electronics enables transfer of large amounts of data at high speed.

WiSub inductive power transfer and data transfer solutions peacefully co-exist without interference.

Alignment freedom

A full 360° axial rotation freedom is complemented by wide angular misalignment tolerances. Sub-millimetre tolerances can now become centimetre tolerances.

This disruptive technology opens a world of possibilities in mating freedom, connector integrity and operational flexibility.

Standardized interface

Our products’ native Ethernet and serial communication interfaces also permit the use of a variety of market-ready available converters, facilitating other data formats such as video.

Terminating to either copper or fiber increases the interface options.



100 Mbps Ethernet + Serial data transfer

24 VDC @ 50 Watts power transfer

The Maelstrom pinless connector’s relatively small size is well-suited to instrumentation applications.

100 Mbps Ethernet + Serial data transfer

24 VDC @ 250 W power transfer

Fonn combines the size, data speed and flexibility of Maelstrom with the advanced power management of Torden.


100 Mbps Ethernet + Serial data transfer

24 VDC @ 1000 W power transfer

Torden delivers gap-tolerant resonant power without involving the risk of batteries.

WiSub pinless connectors deliver data transparently over high-speed microwave link independent from their inductive power transfer circuit.

Flexible mounting options are available – get in touch via our Contact page.